The only choice the advocates of the “pro-choice” group would like their opponents to make is to be silent. Why do they oppose ultrasounds? Why do they oppose having the abortion process described to a person about to undergo it? Why do they have a problem with people attempting to reason with someone about to make this choice, even to the extent of offering to adopt a baby and take care of all the medical expenses that comes with such a sacrifice? They don’t want any of that. They just want us, the “pro-life” life group (a name I’m not really fond of being affiliated with, but that’s another story), to be quiet.

This is not an opinion piece. These things are happening. Check out this article on the politics of abortion that was written in January of this year published by The Atlantic. The author (who’s using outdated arguments and not clearly understood terminology, but I digress..) has a problem with ultrasounds and describes them as a means to restrict access to abortion. Here’s a quote from the article about ultrasound images and the laws that require them: “These measures are based on two assumptions: First, that an ultrasound image has an obvious meaning. Second, that any pregnant woman who sees an ultrasound will recognize this meaning.” (Check out this alternative article from Prochoice America.)

Here’s a few important questions to honestly ask yourself: How is a picture restricting access to abortion? What are women seeing in these pictures that are causing them to reconsider what they’ve set out to do? Why are there people that are a opposed to a picture of “a clump of cells”?

There are no words to describe what’s going on in this video. It really speaks for itself. On display you see how open to “choice” the position really is. No rational dialogue, no coherent argumentation, nothing at all but a clanging cowbell and outbursts of profanity. The woman doing these things as the deathscorts along her only want one choice: for the alternative voice to simply be silent.

How can a person consistently say that choice is a core value of theirs and support the drowning out of someone that’s offering pertinent information? In the video above, that kind of kind of behavior is only preserving and literally celebrating death. And why would I say that? I say it because people that do this kind of ministry save lives.

At the 40:00 mark, you see a woman share her testimony about how abortion ministry changed her and her husband’s point of view. Not only were their views changed, but she has a baby in her arms that was saved because of it. Why would you drown out a message that would rob that family of their joy? Could you look that woman in her eyes and tell her she shouldn’t have heard that message and her child should be dead?

Side walk counselors are saving babies. Check out this article that focuses on 12 of them. The focus is only a few, but it mentions many that have been. There are pictures of them and their families as well. This page is dedicated to telling stories about saved babies.

Despite all of this going on, there are pro-choicers that only want us, the “pro-life” group (I’d much rather be called “Christian” or some variation of that, but whatever) to be silent. If your primary concern is choice, it’s not consistent to only give one choice. That’s not a choice at all, especially when that choice is death.


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