Looking forĀ another app that’s a great resource for learning about doctrine, theology, and practical application? I think I found one that could be of help! With the RTS app, you have access to seminary level courses via audio stream complete with the required reading material for the students that actually attended. There are about 20 courses available all completely free of charge! The entire package is included!

The lectures, the syllabus for each subject, and a list of the required textbooks all completely free of charge. They even tell you how many credit hours each course is worth! Not only that, but there’s a list of credentials each professor has, information about the various campuses this material is coming from, news articles & blogs on issues the church is facing today, and enrollment information for those that are considering pursuing a degree. You can even virtually browse their library right from the app!

Also included in the software is a daily bible reading program, an audio bible, and a bible in text format (I think the translation is ESV).

To top it all off, there are even more lectures from guys like Al Moler, Timothy Keller, and John Frame on many things from church history, preaching, to biblical counseling. If all that doesn’t sell you on this, I don’t know what will!


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