One of the best things about living in this age is our access to so many different mediums to get our fix of God’s word. We have our traditional bibles, audio bibles, digital bibles on the web, bible apps for our smart phones, and a endless supply of gospel presentations streaming on various websites. It’s an amazing time for Christians to arm themselves with truth so that we can honor God in ways that please Him and effectively love one another. Even if you don’t have time to read or stream, there’s something out there that’ll help hear the words of God.

All that said, dramatic readings of the bible typically aren’t my cup of tea. I normally don’t like the music that accompanies some scenes or I just feel like the inflection of the reader doesn’t match the tone of the passage being read and I just get really distracted. The plain readings literally bore me to sleep, so that doesn’t help me either (I’m not saying those aren’t generally useful, they just don’t work for me). Luckily for me, I found something that I think is a really creative way to share the scriptures.


From the website: “Producing an urban tailored audio Bible with multimedia tools is a monumental task. It requires vocalists, musicians, producers, videographers, writers, and editors working in conjunction to produce the multiple projects Streetlights offers. The result of professional gifts merged with the powerful content of the Word of God is dynamic! You have to listen, watch and engage to truly understand. The driving force behind Streetlights is our passion to see youth with low reading levels and limited knowledge of the Bible engage and learn the Word of God.”

Streetlights is an audio bible read by professional vocalists over hip-hop beats. These aren’t poorly produced tracks voiced over by lazy rappers looking to make a quick buck, either. The tracks are all really high quality. As for the readings, I think they’re really well done. There are even different vocalists for the different characters in the stories being told, which is really helpful when you’re listening and not reading.

Best yet, that’s not all they do. About their mission from the website: “We believe in life-on-life discipleship. Our tools are created as simple studies to help spark Biblical conversations in your discipleship relationships. We see our lessons to serve as a spring board for deeper conversation.”

All the readings are free. The only thing that costs is the discipleship program they offer, which is comprised of 32 lessons. There are 16 Old Testament lessons and 16 New Testament lessons. Their material is available on their website, on Spotify, and on their mobile app. Did I mention this is all free?

As of this writing, they have not yet recorded the whole bible. There’s a good bit to get some conversation started, though. And, for those curious, they read the NLT translation. These guys are also affiliated with Humble Beast! Go give this project a listen. It would make for a great conversation starter among friends.


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