Part Four: Rapid Fire Segment

The key to understanding frequently asked questions about the bible is actually reading the bible. I don’t mean reading verses from Leviticus in isolation (or anywhere else for the matter) stripped of their context and bent to mean any kind of vile or wild thing. I mean reading entire chapters or books even, to understand what the meaning behind the message as a whole is. You don’t need me to tell you these things. All the answers you seek are in the bible. What I’m sharing may be helpful for some, but this is not the come all be all and no human author ever will be.

Sex & Gender

  1. What is the meaning of marriage? Ask Tim and Kathy Keller. (Book / Video)
  2. What’s wrong with premarital sex? Take it away, Bobby! (Video)
  3. Interracial marriage? Yes. Moses had jungle fever. (Numbers 12:1)
  4. Are there gender roles? Yes. (Man / Woman)
  5. Why shouldn’t women preach? Sheologians explain. (Podcast)
  6. Does God hate homosexuals? No. (Jackie Hill Perry Testimony)
  7. Is divorce ever permitted? Yes. (Part I / Part II)
  8. What can I do about my struggles with lust? Run like hell. (Video)
  9. Why are Christians against abortion? It’s murder. (Video)
  10. Does the bible permit rape? No. Rapists get the death penalty. (Deuteronomy 22:25-27)

Social Justice

  1. Does the bible justify slavery? No. (Atheist vs Christian Debate Clip)
  2. Does the bible justify racism? No. (Matthew 28:19)
  3. Is Jesus the white man’s God? Jesus is Jewish.
  4. But didn’t slave owners force Christianity on slaves? No. Ask a slave. (Book)
    Besides that, you can’t get a more white name than Joseph Smith. He’s the white prophet.
  5. What does the bible say about _____ rights? The bible isn’t about social reform.
  6. Does the bible endorse the death penalty? Yes. (Exodus 21)
  7. Are Christians Pacifists? Jesus gives us permission to use weapons for self defense.

The Bible

  1. Isn’t the bible written in dead languages? No. Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic. (Learn)
  2. Why so many translations? (Language Issues)
  3. Which version should I read? (Choose your manuscript)
  4. What about copyists errors? There are none of concern. (Check it)
  5. How do we know we have the right books? (Canon)
  6. Are there lost books? No. (How we know)
  7. What are the dead sea scrolls? (Glad you asked)
  8. Christians aren’t supposed to _____, right? Read Leviticus, then read Galatians.
  9. Is that just your interpretation? (Eh, not absolutely)

Jesus & The Church

  1. Did Jesus have a wife? .. No.
  2. Is Jesus a democrat or a republican? No.
  3. Why do Christians eat shellfish and pork? (Sit down and eat this bacon wrapped shrimp).
  4. Did the church invent hell? No. Jesus spoke of hell more than anyone.
  5. Isn’t Jesus a ripoff of other gods? No. (Horus disagrees)
  6. Isn’t Christmas a ripoff of the Winter Solstice? No. (Find out Next Week)
  7. What about Thanksgiving? (Find out Next Week)
  8. Wasn’t Hitler a Christian? No. (1 John 2:4)
  9. What about Christians that do wicked things? If they don’t repent, see above answer.
  10. Even the Crusades? The Crusaders were on the defensive.
  11. Why isn’t the church doing more for the homeless? (Ask big brother)
  12. Why are there so many denominations? (Well….)
  13. What about pastor scandals? (Those guys are in trouble..)
  14. Should I tithe? I can’t answer this one with one word.


Alright, here’s the part where I stop flying through this and rant a little bit. No, there is no standard for tithing in the New Testament. But, those that get excited about that are revealing something about themselves. Are you happy you’re not given a standard for giving to various ministries? Are you happy you’re not given a standard for caring for your pastor, his wife, and their children? Are you happy you’re not given a standard for giving to the poor, sick and needy? If one of your hangups with church is you’re clutching tightly on to your wallet and you don’t want to help where it’s needed, you may as well not even attend anyway. You can’t love God and money. That’s harsh, but those are not my words. They came from Jesus Himself (Matthew 6:24).

Other FAQs

  1. What about religions older than Christianity? It fulfills Judaism, the first religion.
  2. Where did Cain’s wife come from? (Genesis 5)
  3. Where did the nations that oppose Israel come from? Cain’s descendants. (Genesis 4)
  4. Is rock or _____ music the devil’s music? No.
  5. Will my pet go to heaven? There will be animals there. Not sure about specific ones.
  6. Can I get a tattoo? Some will say no, but I agree with those that say you can.
  7. Should I have a drink? Again, not all agree, but I say yes.
  8. Doesn’t the bible say “judge not”? NO. Please stop saying this.

Further Study

Answering the Biggest Objections to Christianity (Q & A) – Ravi Zacharias
Ligonier Roundtable (Q & A) – Sproul, Lawson, MacArthur, & Mohler
Suffering and Sovereignty (Q & A) – Derek Thomas & RC Sproul
RBC Fall Conference ‘11 (Q & A) – Voddie Baucham, Michael Morales, The Sprouls
Panel Discussion (Q & A) – Francis Chan, Al Mohler, John Piper, & Thabiti Anyabwile
Questions About a Biblical Church (Q & A) Paul Washer


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