What’s the name mean? Obadya is a variation of Obadiah. It means “servant of God” in Hebrew.

What’s the purpose of this blog? Jesus summed up the law of the prophets in two things: love for God and love for people. Like the plethora of Christian authors, bloggers, commentators, and all other of the sort, I aim to use this medium to serve God. To love others, I intend to push resources that will equip, edify, and encourage those in the faith. For those not in the faith, I intend to push information that will give the challenge to think critically about disbelief.

Why ANOTHER Christian blog? A lot of people are ignorant to the truth about having peace with God. The more people talking about this, the better. I personally had my eyes opened through social media.

Who are you? I intended to not say anything at all about my life, but it’s important to know those we are influenced by are making an effort to be consistent with what they say they believe. With that said, I had my life changing encounter with Jesus on January 20th, 2013.  Now, I’m a member of a new church plant called “Refuge Bible Church” (so new, it’s hardly promoted yet!) in Indianapolis, Indiana. Though this church is brand new, I’m being held accountable for things and I do and say by men and women that I love and respect. Once this church is off the ground, one of my goals is to get blogs published on it’s host website, so accountability isn’t really an issue to be concerned about with me.

I’m covenantal and postmillenial. I worship with those that worship Christ as the sole mediator between God and man, even if our peripheral views are different. It’s best I don’t reveal where I lay in the political landscape, as it causes unnecessary division. I may never outright say it, but I may discuss my beliefs about some topics through a scriptural lens.

I welcome criticism. If there’s something important you object to or would like to discuss further, I would prefer to meet with you if possible, or to talk via private messaging. I do not like the idea of using social media to talk at people. It’s degrading, insulting, and dehumanizing. Worst of all, it’s a terrible witness!